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Who is Aluminum?

Aluminum is a one-man website design and development shop located in the historic Birks building in downtown Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We specialize in designing and developing rock-solid World Wide Web (W3) standard-compliant websites that are fast loading, usable, accessible and maintainable...


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Engagement Ring: DeBeers For Diamonds

There’s no way you can think engagement rings and diamonds and not think DeBeers. For years now, the name has stood for diamonds of the best quality. This name has been synonymous with dazzle and brilliance as long back as the present generation can remember. Today, most engagement rings have one or many diamonds sparkling on them and so many of them owe their existence in the jewellery world to DeBeers. They have brought diamonds to the forefront when it comes to jewellery and today, they really occupy the prime position in the world of gem stones. Look around you and look at all the celebrities and you’ll find that almost all of them like to flaunt their diamonds with a flourish. Is the diamond on your engagement ring of the finest quality? Samara James would be happy to explain what you need to look for when buying an engagement ring. Remember that you are going to wear it even longer than your wedding ring and it is going to shine more brightly. So even if your diamond is small, make sure it is of the highest quality – the kind that DeBeers has meant for years. /

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